Inch Worms

Bennett got a Go Pro camera for's basically a very small, but legit camera that you can strap to your head or whatever when you are doing extreme sports. He felt like getting it would prompt him to do extreme sports...but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, the camera can create stop motion videos. That basically means it captures things via pictures- at an incredibly high speed- and then you can piece it together like a video and it looks fragmented like a flip book. He did a stop motion video of Holden's first birthday and is doing one to show his transformation through paleo diet. It's really pretty cool...

Anyway. I sent him a text this morning (he is in Minneapolis) saying that I wish he could have set up the camera in our bedroom last night and captured the shenanigans between Davis and I. He came in around 3:00 a.m. and said he wanted to lay with me, that he would be quiet and go to sleep. I was so out of it (I took Advil PM because I couldn't sleep) so I let him in. The next hour and a half looked like this: INCH WORMS. Me inching over, little by little, Davis following me, little by little, until we crossed back and forth our king size bed. Me trying to get away from him, him sticking to me like glue.

He is the sweetest little spooner. He likes to lay right on me, arms around my neck, face on mine. It's really sweet- but it's hot and impossible to sleep. Each time I would scoot, he would either scoot with me, or say "Mommy. Stop moving. I want to lay by you."

It would have made a great stop motion video.

Secondly, I just got some pictures from Holden's teacher. She and her little duckling classmates are so cute. She really wailed today at drop-off, but these pictures make me feel better. Happy Tuesday.