I Love My Home

So last week, Davis was really pushing our buttons. So difficult. And that's why I didn't write too much about him- if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, right? This week, he is back to his sweet little self and he has said some things I don't want to forget.

Last night, after picking him up, I told him we were going to go get daddy and Holden and go somewhere to eat. We don't do this very often on school nights, usually we go home because Holden goes to sleep so early AND...Davis loves to be at home. To this point, he immediately said: "No. I need to go to my home first. And play." So I explained that we would go eat, and then we would go home and play. To which he responded frantically: "No! I want to go home first. I LOVE my home."

S: "Oh Davis, that's sweet. What do you love about your home?"
D: "I love about my home my toys. And my room."
S: "Is your home your favorite place to be?"
D: "Yes, I love my home best than Target."

Also, the other day, he got himself in BIG FAT trouble by throwing a fit and hitting the TV when I turned it off. I rarely have to get mad or yell at Davis, but this really pushed me over the edge. "NO SIR. YOU DO NOT ACT THAT WAY..." I said while pointing my finger at him. His attitude shifted from an angry tantrum to fear and panic. I walked out of the room, so mad...and he sniffling, sobbing, walked into my room and looked at me, sort of leaning in to me, wanting to hug me, but not sure if I was still so mad...and he said "Can....you....sniffle sniffle...make me happy again?"

Last night, I told him that B and Bennett are going to take him to the Monster truck jam on Saturday. He quickly said "OH! That sounds fun..." and we talked about it the rest of the night. He asked a million questions and this morning, the first thing he said was "Is it Saturday?"

Also last night, while lying in bed, so quietly...he whispered "Nazli". I said "What did you say?"
D: Miss Nazli. I love Miss Nazli. (this is his new teacher, her name is said like "Nozz-lee.)
S: You do?
D: Yes, and Miss Hillary. Oh and I forgot Miss Mari. I love my teachers. And my school.
S: "That's so nice, Davis. Do you tell them? And act so nice for them? Listen to what they say?
D: Yes, and do my jobs.
S: What jobs do you do?
D: Do my mat roll, and do my shoes.

I have to remind myself of the phases. Three is emotional. Up and down. But overall, he is a sweet little boy. Last night at dinner, I was talking to Holden, she was really hungry and we had just finished the bread at our table, so I asked the waiter for a little more bread and then looked at Holden and quietly said "It's coming, Holden. It's coming." Davis looked at me and said "She can have some of my bread, mommy." So smart, and kind, for a three year old.

Holden wasn't so sure about going back to school today. It was hard. She is so sweet and tries so hard to be happy. She would smile, but with this look like "Am I okay?"

I saw this little quote on pinterest the other day- and it really struck a chord with me. I'm trying to think about it, and act on it, every day.

Have a good day.