The older I get, the more I realize I am such a homebody. We left Thursday for San Diego and Friday morning I was tearing up over breakfast, missing my little people, and being at home. It's ridiculous. We did have a GREAT time though, after I started drinking. HA. We went out on a catamaran, we went to the zoo, we had great dinners, we took naps, we listened to great music on the patio, and we laughed our heads off with Davis' real estate team. There were about 12 people, and they represent all the different parts of the country- so someone from Seattle, Atlanta, North Carolina, a few from Minneapolis, one from Pittsburgh- and they are quite a crew.

I mean really. You couldn't write some of the stuff that happened or was said. One lady spent about 30 minutes of dinner the first night telling us about her son in law's great ass. "He's a body builder, and he just got his pro card and he has the best ASS in the business..." She was so serious, so I was trying so hard not to laugh.

My favorite parts of the trip were the catamaran, the zoo, and drinking and playing cards with everyone out on the patio. Those midwesterners love their card games. And I love zoos. Good zoos anyway- and San Diego's zoo is amazing. Oh, and my other favorite thing was getting home! Bennett was making fun of me because I literally unbuckled my seat belt when we reached the turn off to our house. I wanted to see Davis and Holden right away! Holden was sleeping, but Davis was awake. He was so excited to see us. Holden woke up in the middle of the night, and I swear, she looked so much older. Like her face was more detailed and her hair had grown in more...kills me.

She is now saying "ball", "thank you", "mama", "dada", "up" and "uh oh". Today I put her in this little green polka dot dress and gray leggings and when we got to school, another little girl was in the exact same outfit! They are little twins. Holden cried for minute, but I could see her frown turn to a happy grin when they put her in the buggy for a walk. Cindy, her teacher, called me this morning just to tell me what a great day she is having. She said "Yep, I think she's got it now..." which made me feel great. I love her teachers.

And Davis is so funny, he kept telling me he was so happy to see me last night and that he missed me so much and that Honey got him a new transporter and that he flushed his toothbrush down the toilet and now it doesn't work...and then when I walked out of his room he said "Sleep tight, mom." Ha. Hope you had a great weekend. I am glad to be home.

My view of the hotel, from the pool. Too chilly for a swimsuit. 

A view of the courtyard at the Hotel Del Coronado. 

Davis before surfing.

Davis during surfing- see that little dot?
Davis after surfing. He was beat. That's a good workout.
An elephant pedicure. Yes. Really. They had an emory board (giant saw), cuticle clippers, and even finished off the treatment with cuticle cream. So amazing.
I think elephants are just unreal. They have the most amazing memories and deal with emotions and heartache the way humans do. And they look like they should have died off with the dinosaurs. But my favorite to see at the zoo is the HIPPO!
But this one was lazy and didn't even swim. I cannot believe that they are vegetarians. This one, Otis, weighs 4,000 pounds. During our visit, I told Bennett that in another life, I would be a zoo keeper at the San Diego zoo. And I would train the elephants.

This guy gave us a show. Came right up to the glass and looked at us like "Whatareyoulookingat?"