Good Love, Mommy

I had to be at work pretty early this morning- we have those new clients in all day today and's going to be a marathon. Anyway, before I left, I gave Davis a hug and said "Can you tell mommy good luck? I have a big meeting today..." He looked at me and said "Good love, mommy."

Also, he has this new habit of every time I am about to leave, after asking for a hug and a kiss, he somewhat frantically says "Mommy! Don't forget your phone. And don't forget your keys. And your watch..." And anything else that I sometimes forget. My little buddy.

Holden was so sweet last night- she simply did not want to be out of my lap. I'm still having a hard time with how early she is going to bed (6:15) but we did have a little bit of time to play. She is becoming so animated. And so snuggly.

Okay- off to my meetings! Have a good Thursday.

P.S. last night we went to this great (and new) little brewery called "Pinthouse" in Austin with all of our friends for B's birthday. It was really fun...and I left thinking "Geez, we have great friends." I think that a lot...but thought it especially a lot last night.