All our meds.
So I finally got what was coming to me and spent most of this weekend switching between shivering and sweating, in bed. Even this morning at 2:00, I was just lying in bed sweating. But I'm at work today because I have clients coming in. Bennett is at home with the kids because it's President's Day. Like I said, they (Child's Day) take a lot of liberties with holidays...

So, this weekend was fun because we got to see Scott and meet his new girlfriend. She was really nice and fun, easy to talk to. And we did a few fun things like go to the park, but for the most part, this weekend was sort of BLECH. I think we're all kind of in a funk because between the four of us, we've been sick for the last three weeks. Ready for this funk to be over.

I did get out for a bit yesterday to have lunch and a pedicure with Nikki. We talked about wedding stuff and it's getting very exciting! I know that June will be here before we know it, and that Nikki will put together the most amazing wedding ever.

This week, we leave for San Diego on Thursday. I hope it's relaxing and sickness-free!

Holden is in such a mommy phase- she cries the second I put her down and even when someone new comes over. Poor thing...

This picture was shot as we were headed to the park! Holden rarely wears headbands, so I snapped some pics before she yanked it off (two seconds later).

Bennett and Davis practicing using their matching inhalers. Ha. We have died laughing, causing huge coughing fits, while watching Davis try to use his inhaler correctly. Probably more harmful than helpful.