When I was missing Davis and Holden and wishing I was at home this weekend, my mom said "Sam, you will come back and it will be right back to normal, sick kids, early mornings...enjoy yourself." And she was right. Davis was up all night last night throwing up and he threw up most of the day today. He started to feel better this afternoon, but still looked so pale. So yes, I was at home again from work today. Tomorrow is Bennett's shift.

So last night when Davis and I were lying in bed, we had the cutest conversation about Honey. This is how it went.

Davis: Where is Honey?
Me: Honey is at home in Fredericksburg.

Davis: But I love my Honey so much.
Me: I know you do, and she loves you.

Davis: But where is she?
Me: She is at her house, in Fredericksburg.

Davis: Why?
Me: Because that's where she lives...

Davis: But can she come back tomorrow?
Me: I wish she could, but tomorrow she is working...

Davis: With the van?
Me: Well...yep, that's where the van is...
Davis: With Derek?
Me: Yep, Derek drives the van.


Davis: I wish Honey could come and stay and play for a long time.
Me: You wish Honey could just live here?
Davis: Yeah! I love my Honey so much.

Happy Tuesday!