Back to School

Both kiddos are back in school today. Davis was so glad to be back today, he barely looked up when I left. He felt very proud of himself for carrying his mat roll from the car to his room. And he kept saying "Are we going to Child's Day?" Not sure where or when he picked this up, but it made me laugh. Holden was happy all the way in to her room this morning, just cried when I left. I tell myself that it only lasts a few minutes and then she is happy.

The sweet thing loves to nap, and when she is home, she often naps from 10:30 or 11-2 and then sometimes again at 4:00. Her classroom only does one nap from 12-2, so I actually think that is what makes it hard for her. She's so tired. She very often wants to go to bed at 6:15 when she's been at school. :(

Davis is back to his sweet self. Still has a crazy cough, but you can tell his sweet little spirit is back. My mom and I were talking about how we need to realize that him acting like a little toot is often a sign of sickness, and we should treat it as such. He only got up once last night and that was to go to the bathroom at 2:00 a.m. Then he needed to snuggle with me in bed a bit, and then I tucked him in and didn't see him again until morning. Yahoo.

And I am feeling a little better today- not sweating- so that is an improvement. Not much to say today. Maybe more later. Have a good one.