What One Looks Like

So Holden turned one on Sunday and my mom and Nikki continued the most amazing tradition they started with Davis, with Holden. Each year they are contributing to a travel fund so when she hits 18...she can go see the world. How amazing is that? The best gift ever. Here is the little card Nikki made.

Separately, here is what ONE looks like for Miss Holden. And I'll fill in more after her one year well check appointment later this week.

Holden's favorite foods, of the baby food variety, include: sweet potatoes, prunes & oats, squash, peas, and any sort of fruit/cereal combo. really the only things she does not like are chunky mixes, meats (unless masked by a fruit).

Her favorite table foods, though we haven't tried a ton of options yet, include: Ritz, Club crackers, Pirates Booty, dried strawberries and granola bar pieces.

Holden loves to play with Davis' toys. I have no doubt that she will be able to hang with the boys as she loves his garbage truck, his ment mixer, and all the big, loud, trucks and cars.

She also loves music and claps and smiles the second someone begins playing the guitar or singing. She is Davis' biggest fan when he turns on his little strum-along guitar.

She sleeps from about 7:15-7:45. She loves being cozy, so she has worn jammies with feet since she was born- even through summer.

She has just started saying "mama" and on her first birthday- she randomly started sucking her thumb. ???

She LOVES the bath. I simply turn the bath on, and know that wherever she is in the house, she will start crawling toward the bathroom, pull up next to the tub and bounce and smile until I take off her shirt and pants, and then she tugs at her diaper until it's off and she can get in.

She is a size three diaper, a size 3 shoe, and is about to make it into the 12-18 month clothing options.

She loves to be held, but isn't really a snuggler. Neither of my babies have been snugglers- though Davis SURELY makes up for that now. Try to kiss Holden and she will dodge it.

She is happy almost every single moment of the day. Davis was SO serious until he was about 18 months- so it has always been so different with Holden smiling like crazy...like her face might crack.

I love you, my sweet Holden.

P.S. Data recovery update: My hard drive has been sent off to a data recovery specialist, so I am hopeful some, if not all, will be recovered. :)