Very Interesting...

So we've been talking about selling our house for the last two years- and I think 2013 will really be the year...but we haven't really found many houses we would like to buy. In fact, there really has just been the one that we lost to a cash offer...which we can hardly get over. Really, any time we see a house, we say "It's no Buck Race" (that's the street it was on). In fact, we just flew the flyer away the other day (it's been almost a year) while shouting/sobbing "Goodbye, my love..."

So it's sort of been a pickle. Austin is not like other cities in Texas, where there are so many options, in many different price ranges. There are only a few good areas for schools, and there are even fewer areas with interesting homes...and about 1% of those homes are even close to affordable. So...we've been looking, but haven't really seen anything we love, which makes it hard to list our house because we don't want to live in an apartment for a year or have to move twice. And, we do like our little house. It's been good to us and it's FULL of great memories.

But here is what is awesome. Lately, we've been getting flyers and notes on our door asking if we would be interested in selling. So I've been hopeful that we could sell without having to actually put it on the market AND I've been hopeful that we can find a house first, then put ours on the market, sell it in a couple days and VOILA- it would work out perfectly. And I just got a note from our realtor yesterday saying that she actually thinks my vision could be a reality. Which is awesome. In the meantime, a couple is coming to look at our house this weekend because their realtor said they have seen everything and can't find a house in our area for a certain price with a certain square footage. But I don't think we would sell before finding a house- I sort of just want to see what they say and what we could get for it.

The interesting thing is that our house is not really that interesting. I don't think it represents us at all- externally. But internally- we've made it pretty great. The thing that amazes me is that somehow, we made a smart decision at ages 25 and 26 and bought in a good, practical neighborhood. Very unlike us. So I would just like to take a moment to congratulate our 25/26 year old selves for making a smart decision...because Lord knows we made many ridiculous ones too. Ha. Anyway, that is something interesting this week. It makes me excited and optimistic for when the right house comes up for us.

Anyway. Just thinking aloud. Here are a few pictures of Davis and Holden from this morning. Think Davis needs a haircut? Also, Ben, at school scratched his face. I hope it doesn't scar. Kids.

P.S. One month from now we'll be in San Diego. Woohoo!

Caught him mid-stretch. I wish he would oblige me and wear something other than track pants and t-shirts. Hmmph. 

I have seen his dad make this face a thousand times.

Eating some Honey Nut Cheerios.