To Honey's House He Goes

Both my mom and Davis have been talking about the idea of a little sleepover at her house in Fred...Davis has loved talking about it, thinking about what they would do together, how they would play and drive his mini cooper and go to Old McDonald's for chicken nuggets. So he was pretty excited when we told him he was going to get to go today.

My mom picked him up at noon, we had his blue blanket ready, his ment mixer, a few race cars, and his little red monogrammed L.L.Bean backpack filled up and ready to go. He was especially thrilled that he was going to get to ride in the Red van from Austin to Fred.

We talked a lot about how special he must be since there is only one other seat in the van and Honey picked HIM to go back with her. All morning he asked when Honey was going to get here...and/but I wondered if when it came down to it and he saw that I wasn't going, he would get upset. Nope. He was like "see ya later, lady..."

So today they've been playing in Fred and Bennett and I have enjoyed a full day of talking without interruption. Seriously. You forget what that is like. And we've been able to focus all of our attention on Holden. One is so easy- I forgot what that was like too. Ha.

We watched GIRLS on Apple TV, played with Holden, cleaned up a bit, and then we went to a party Atomic Athlete was having at a new BBQ restaurant in town called Freedman's. Bennett and all of his gym buddies are so fit. It's really impressive. And intimidating. Holden was snacking on Cheez Its while we were there- and I wanted to be like "Umm- yeah these Cheez Its are NOT mine. I mean, who eats carbs, right?" ;-)

It's been a fun day and a nice change. Sometimes you forget how important it is to get out of your own routine.