The Elusive Robins

I finally got pictures of Davis and his classmates. Sometimes you gotta get real serious with people- and maybe that's what I had to do with a certain parent who was locking up access to the photos to promote his own business interests (a social media network for kids and parents- LAME). But that's beside the point, right? Anyway, on to the pictures. I love seeing their happy faces.

They very often stack these giant blocks and legos and pretend they are on a train or fire engine. 

This is Davis' lead teacher, Hilary. She is sooo great!

Music class. Just realizing how much lighter Davis' hair is in the summer.

Don't you just LOVE this picture?
And I would DIE to know what they were talking about. SO CUTE! 

He loves legos and building super tall towers. 

Their little supermarket at school.
I would have died over this when I was little.

See Davis in the far back? That little boy right next to him is his best buddy, Alexander. He is a doll. 

A birthday celebration!
Yay for the Robins!