Some Girls Are Pretty

I love how Davis has gotten to such a conversational point these days. I love our talks on the way home from school. Yesterday, we were talking about what he did at school, and he always responds with "Played." I prod some more and ask who he played with and he usually says "Alexander."

Last night, after going through this routine, it was quiet for about 3 minutes until Davis said: "Some girls are pretty, momma."

I've never heard him say this before. So I smiled and said "They are? Which girls are pretty?" He grinned and said "Kamille."

Kamille is this little brown haired, brown eyed girl in his class, and she is actually a daughter of one of my co-workers. Bennett and I have noticed how outgoing she is and how all the other little girls sort of follow her around like little ducks. She must have some sort of magnetism. :) I just can't believe that Davis has his first crush and that he articulated it so well.

Melt my heart.

And oh how he loves his blue blanket. Last night was the first night he has woken up crying in the middle of the night and actually gotten up and walked down the hall. I awoke to a sobbing little guy saying "I need my blue blanket...I need my blue blanket..." as it had fallen down the side of his bed.

I can't sleep lately. Not sure why- but man is it frustrating.