Sick Sick Sicky

Poor Holden felt a little warm Wednesday afternoon when I got home from work. But for the most part, she seemed okay, even sleeping through the night. However, by Thursday afternoon she had a 104.6 fever. My mom was in town (thank God) so she took her to the doctor, they ran tests and said that it was not the flu, but just a virus that would run it's course. I hate it when they say that. It basically means four days of misery (minimum) and no medicine.

Luckily, Thursday was the worst day. Friday was no fun and I basically held Holden all day, but I was glad I could be home with her.  Friday night, I needed a break, and I also already had a dinner date planned with that was a really nice step away from home and sickness. We ate outside at Perla's- drank wine, ate raw oysters and some AMAZING mussels. It was a great date. :)

By Saturday, Holden was feeling a little better, so I suggested we take a day trip to Lockhart for some BBQ. We had a great time. Just a 45 minute drive and it got us out of the house for a while. I will say, however, that Lockhart BBQ has nothing on Franklin's, in Austin. It was fun, nonetheless.

Then today, Bennett flew to Minneapolis for a week-long staff meeting...and poor thing, the HIGH on Thursday is 3 degrees. That's not a typo, I said THREE. So if the high is three, you're probably wondering what the low is...I was...and it's -11. Yes, again, NEGATIVE 11. UNREAL. Poor guy, his warmest coat will feel like a wind breaker.

We stayed busy today- intentionally. I sort of go crazy just sitting in the house all day with this was our day: 1) trip to My Gym at 10:00 a.m. (after Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, of course) 2) home for playing, lunch, and then naps (today was the first day I really got them to nap at the same time- so we ALL took naps) and then 3) swimming at the YMC (that's what Davis calls it) with Nikki. OH MY GOSH. We had so much fun. It was quite an adventure. So when you finish swimming, you walk out of the pool area, where it's sort of sweaty and warm feeling, and into this hall where it is like MINNEAPOLIS weather. Negative 11.

So there we are, Davis has to potty SO BAD, Holden is crying so hard because she is freezing to death, and Nikki and I are in our swimsuits, trying to hold Holden, get Davis to the potty, and also get our towels and clothes so we don't turn into icicles for goodness sakes. It's a madhouse. I look over at Davis, who is accidentally peeing on the wall, I look at Nikki, who is blue, I look at Holden who is crying so hard, and I just start to laugh so hard I almost pee my pants.

We were like a four person circus. And I knew at that moment, that Nikki got a little insight into what our day to day is like, trying to wrangle everyone, to keep us all from peeing everywhere for goodness sakes. Having Nikki come over is THE BIGGEST TREAT at our house. We talk about it all day, and Davis asks one hundred times when she will be here, and then we just have so much fun.

Then, as if our day wasn't exciting enough, we met Carrie, Zach, Porter and Mary Mae at Phil's for dinner. SO MUCH FUN. Holden was crying on the way there and Davis looked at her and said "Holden. It's O.K. We will get to see Porter VERY SOON."

On the way home, we talked about our day and I said "gosh, you got to go to all your favorite places today and see your favorite people. What a great day." And Davis said "I am lucky." :)

I have some great pictures. I'll upload them tomorrow. I have to take a sick day because Jennifer has the flu, Bennett is in Minneapolis, my mom is in New York, and that just leaves me. Sorry GSD&M.

Two funny things Davis has said at school lately, that his teachers have told me.

1) Hillary said that she wore a bright lipstick to school the other day and that Davis looked at her and said "Umm, Hillary, I like your shirt. And I, like your umm, your mouth."

2) A couple weeks ago we went to Phil's for dinner. We hadn't been in a long while, but the next day Davis went to school and said "Whenever my family gets hungry, we just go to Phil's."

Ha. Hope you had a great weekend.