Packing my Bags

So yes, one of my goals for 2013 is/was to travel more. And I'm excited to say that I already have three trips planned for the first part of the year. First, I am accompanying Bennett on his work bonus trip to San Diego. Bennett did so well this year at work- they closed so many deals- and when they hit a certain goal, they get to bring their spouses on a trip in January or February. Usually they go to Scottsdale, and it's okay, but I feel like once you've been to Scottsdale, you don't really need to go back. And maybe you really don't need to go back with co-workers.

I went the first year with Bennett, but had to fly there late because I was SO sick. So it wasn't so great. Then last year, I had a 3 week old baby, so poor Bennett had to go solo. This year, I get to go, and we are going to San Diego and staying at the Hotel Del Coronado. EEK! We talked about getting married there- it's so fancy. So, I'm really excited.

Next, while we're not going very far, I'm still very excited that Katie and I are going to spend a weekend in San Antonio at the Westin La Cantera. We haven't spent time alone (that sounds creepy, but you know what I mean) in so long! Did I mention she is back from Ohio? For good. I'm so thankful...and I also can't wait to go see their new place.

And then finally, the Moore girls are going on a trip to New York! New York, New York, a city so nice they named it twice. I cannot wait.

I hope I can do as well on the rest of my goals! 2013. Yes.