Lucky Day

The aforementioned pictures from our "lucky day" on Sunday.

Playing with trains right before his hair cut. 

I have two kiddos that LOVE My Gym.  

Up close and personal.

REALLY love the gym.

Look how long his legs are. He is SO BIG.

And this- this is my new favorite picture. It's like they are little buddies. Just eating a Rit (Davis calls singular Ritz "a rit") after swimming at the YMC.

Yesterday- playing with Miss Holden while Jennifer fights the flu. I HOPE she is back tomorrow. I need to get to work. I'm getting so behind...

And this smiley man, on his way to school today. I hope that scratch doesn't scar. I need to do a better job of putting Neosporin on it. It becomes a wrestling match every time I try. I guess if it does scar, it will earn him some street cred.