So yesterday, the first thing Davis said to Honey when he woke up was "I'm not going to my house today...". I think it's safe to say that he enjoyed his little adventure with Honey. I'm so glad. I love that he is not afraid or scared and instead feels secure and happy go lucky. He came home and napped for over two hours. He was worn out.

Separately. I think I have spring fever. I shouldn't be so surprised. This happens almost every year in January and February. I feel so restless and bored and ready for adventure and change. I just can't figure out what that should be. But I need to figure it out. I HATE BEING BORED. AND RESTLESS.

Yesterday I felt like "If I stay in this house any longer I will just go nuts. Absolutely nuts." So, little D and I went outside and I made him help me spot Pico poop in the backyard. It was my turn to pick it up so we made it a fun little game. He would ride around on his John Deere and spot it in the grass, then I would pick it up and pretend I was going to throw it at him. He thought it was HY.STERICAL.

We cleaned up the back porch, played in the backyard, and then decided to wash our cars in the driveway. Then we laid out a sleeping bag in the front yard and we all laid on it for a while and pretended to take pictures of each other with a camera-less tripod. I am sure our neighbors think we're crazy- but sometimes you just have to make.things.fun. so you don't lose your mind for goodness sake.

Today I'm at work and I hate that we're open on MLK day. Get serious. Every year I think "I should have taken today off in protest." But it sort of snuck up on me, honestly.

And this year, if we haven't listed our house by March, I am bound and determined to set up a garden in my backyard. So Help Me. I will do it myself if I have to, but I'd really like to enlist Bennett's help and I think Davis will think it is fun too. I want to grow tomatoes especially, but I'm going to do a little research and figure out what else will grow in insane heat, that we also like to eat.

So did I tell you that I'm really doing Weight Watchers? And it's amazing- when you really do it, it really works. Unbelievable, right? I've lost about 4 pounds in the last few weeks and have 15 more to lose. I am doing this in perfect time for summer. Not a coincidence.

Okay- so I have a product review for you. I am sort of obsessive about clean surfaces. I want counters and things to be fresh and clean and smell like BLEACH. I really do. But sometimes it's a little much...so I tried this new product and I think it's awesome. Perfect blend of a fresh smell and feel, without being overly bleachy. AND it's for glass and other surfaces. So try it.

Also, here are some pictures of Holden. My mom gave her some presents and I put this little bow on her head from one of the packages- and she just left it there.

And a cute video Holden's nanny sent me. Her last day is next Thursday and then Holden starts at Child's Day. CRAZY. Hit the arrow and turn up your volume.