Holden Eloise is One

It's hard to believe it, but Holden turned one yesterday. Of course, I felt both excited and sad about it. It's difficult to see and feel how quickly it all goes by. She really has grown up quite a bit in the last few weeks. She is balancing on her own- could take some steps if she wanted to- but when she realizes she is balancing or about to move- she sits right down. That's fine. She can stay my baby as long as she wants.

She is becoming more aggressive and adamant about things with Davis- which is funny to watch. He can no longer snack on his own. The second she notices he has something, she is up in his business, digging her little hand right into his bowl to get what she wants. If she can't get it- she gets QUITE frustrated. And he is amazing. He shares with her left and right. Yesterday we took them to the store to get groceries and it was the first time they both sat in the cart together. I kept looking at them, sharing a snacky-packy as Davis calls it, thinking "Geez, I'm so blessed."

Toward the end of the shopping trip, she was tired and fussy, and Davis kept putting his arm around her saying "It's okay. Davis is right here." They are going to be good buds. She's lucky to have such a sweet big brother.

I have so many good pictures to post! The picture uploader is still on the fritz. I hope Blogger fixes it soon so I can post them all. In the meantime, I'll have to write very descriptively. :)

So yesterday, we woke up, opened presents and played until we went to the grocery store. We gave her a little pink Rody Toy. She knew instantly it was for her and she was dying to ride him. We got her to giggle many times during the bouncing/rocking. She also got some little pink vans. They might be too small- eek!

Anyway- we went to the grocery store, they took naps, and then we went and met Nikki and Tony for a cupcake at Sugar Mama's bakeshop. Davis chose James Brown- chocolate, and Holden had a Marilyn Monroe- vanilla! She loved it. He loved it. We sang happy birthday and she grinned from ear to ear- like "really? for me?"

Next we went to ride the Zilker Zephyr. She was sort of ambivalent about it- but Davis had the time of his life. It was COLD. Then we did baths and dinner and we tried to get them to go to bed after all that sugar- and good Lord- it wasn't easy. At one point, Davis was literally RUNNING circles around the living room. Not like him...

It was a beautiful day and I'm so thankful for Holden Eloise Bennett. I can't remember what life was like before her sweet smile and gentle demeanor...she is a major joy for our family. We all adore little princie.