Happy New Year

Well, it's officially 2013. I've flipped my cute calendar, I've made my list of resolutions, and I welcomed in the new year not once, but twice (thank you DVR)! And tomorrow, I plan to start the day just thankful to be alive- thankful for all the gifts God has given me. Invigorated by the fresh start that comes not just with the first of the year, but with each day we are given. I feel great about 2013. It's going to be an exciting year.


Tonight, after snuggling with Davis as I put him to bed, I could hear him crying in his bedroom, shouting "Mommy. I need some milk. Really." So I went back in there, brought him some milk, gave him a hug and said good night. "Mommy, I want you to snuggle me," he said. "Davis, we already snuggled, it's time for bed now."

He started to get really upset and loudly said "Mommy. I need you to because- I need you to because-" (and he rarely understands that "because" is meant to be followed by a reason- so I expected him to just end there...) and then he just laid it all out there: "Mommy. I need you to snuggle me because you're my LOVEY BUG."

So of course, I snuggled with him some more. He is so sweet these days. He hugs me all the time. He'll rub my arm or back and say "Momma. I love you momma." or "Mommy- I really like your car/shirt/necklace" whatever he happens to be looking at.

And Holden's new trick is clapping. She claps all the time...I say "Yaaay!" and she looks around so quickly like "What are we clapping for?" and then claps. She has started to giggle more, which is fun, and she is eating table foods- at least things like crackers and puffs, etc. She is a good eater, unlike her brother. And I think she has become a better napper since her tubes. Yahoo.

She starts at Davis' school the first week of February. I hope that is the right decision. Jennifer has been great- but we always knew we would transition her to Child's Day as she got older. Okay, it's a little earlier than I would like to do it, but she will only go three days a week- then Honey has her on Thursday and I will have her on Friday.

I just don't want to lose her spot in the program- I think she will like to play- and I need more coverage for the occasional meetings I have to call in for, or attend, on Fridays...

And we stopped by last week to meet her teacher and see her little room- I actually feel so great about that. The teacher has been there several years, she's about 50, and she seemed so sweet and loving- just perfect for little bitties. I'm more nervous about getting them up and ready, packing them up, driving through traffic, dropping them both off in different rooms, and then getting to work on time.

So that's that. Back to work tomorrow.
I will do Christmas posts with pictures this week.

Make 2013 what you want it to be. The world is your oyster. You only live once. More often than not, the only person stopping you from following your dreams, is you.