Christmas via Phone Cam

I seem to have misplaced my camera- please DEAR JESUS don't let it be lost in the garbage with all the discarded christmas packages! In the meantime, here are some shots from my phone.
My birthday present from Bennett!
Holy cow, good pick, and what a treat!
The Bennett 4 on Christmas Eve.

I know this is an awkward shot, but I wanted to get the full head to toe- so you could see the Stuart Weitzmans in action. She looked like a little doll. And her hair is kind of red.

Holden and her daddy.

Sweet Davis- climbing around during church. Thank goodness it was family church. Oh also, I got reprimanded by a lady for taking a cookie for Davis, from the hundreds of cookie plates laid out for after the service. Every church has a bossy church lady, I guess.

He got to open just one present on Christmas Eve.

A note and some cookies and milk for Santa.
"Share a cookie with Frosty..."

It was so fun being Santa with Bennett this year.
Presents from Santa. Holden was the pink polka dots, Davis green.

Look at those cheeks!

Just snuggling while watching Toy Story. 

Davis loves to hug and hold Holden like this.
She likes it for about 10 seconds.