Catch Up

Figured out a work around for the photo uploader.
Here are some pics from the Christmas break. :)

Yes, Davis did receive a kids barbell with weights. :)

His shirt says "Santa's Helper" and that's exactly what he was.
He gave everyone their gifts and also helped open them...whether they liked it or not.

Trying out his mini Eames chairs. THEY ARE AMAZING.
Get yours at Red!

Also testing out Holden's Lamby chair. He gave it a thumbs up. She just likes to nuzzle her head in it.

Nothing like a pantless boy in a hard hat...
working with a tiny girl in a tutu.

Christmas boots for Davis and Bennett. Davis actually got his last year- but he's really into wearing them now. I'm glad they still fit. He calls them his "John Deeres". Not sure why other than that he wears them when he drives his John Deere. Kids.

She loves hanging out by this table.

My clap happy girl.

Holden and Bennett's aunt Libby.
These moments are the best- just hanging out- sharing a snacky packy- playing with a Swiffer.

She looks small and gentle- but don't share your snacks- and she will be on you like white on rice.

My happy boy.