Back at Work

Today is my first day back to work in a week! Crazy. If I had known, I would have planned a little vacation or some events or something. But, I had a lovely three days at home with Holden, and I tried to keep up with work as much as possible.

I have so much admiration for stay at home moms. I seriously don't know how they do it without losing their minds. I am not cut out for it. In fact, I think I am not cut out to do any ONE thing. As much as it's tiring to be going going going...I realize that when I'm not, I feel sort of bored and purposeless. So I'm going to remind myself of that over the next month or two because it's about to get busy. Bennett has some trips coming up and so do I. I can't say what the brand is- but we WON that pitch I worked on. So lots of onboarding stuff.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back at work. And today is Holden's last day with Jennifer. She has her 12 month well check/shots tomorow, and if she isn't feeling bad from that, I will take her for a few hours to try out her new class tomorrow afternoon. I mentioned that I met the lead teacher, Cindy, she came to meet us all at our house...well Tuesday, I brought some of Holden's things up to school, and I met the other teacher, Darielle. She was SOOOO cute and friendly- and I am just really excited for Holden. I think she will love it.

She is totally in a mommy phase right now- but I think after she adjusts, she will love the activities and the interaction with other little playmates. Every day this week, she would go with me to drop Davis off and pick him up, and she was SO excited to see all the kids and the activities. I am really thankful for the way it is working out.

Gotta run. Lots to catch up on.

P.S. Got lots of feedback on my previous blog. It's really okay. Sometimes you need to have some self reflection, even if it's uncomfortable. :)