What Will I Do?

With all my extra cash now that Davis is POTTY TRAINED? I can't believe it and honestly, I feel a bit bittersweet about it all. It feels like the biggest milestone to me. Bigger than breaking the binky, bigger than the big boy bed...

He has been dry since Wednesday night- including at night...which I wasn't really even pushing for. I think he was just ready. We waited until he was ready- and it was super simple. I'm so glad...and I'm also a bit sad. But it is what it is.

This weekend was a good one- so many fun things.
Friday night I went to sleep early- so nice after a stressful week...

Saturday night, after hitting up Academy (see pics below), Bennett and I got dressed up and went to have dinner and drinks at Ranch 616. We sat outside and drank Ranch Water and shared oysters and shrimp. It's really been a while since we've been on a date like that. After that, we met up with a bunch of friends at a Christmas party, which was also really fun.

And then today, we hung out with our cousins from my dad's side all day. About a month ago, my cousin Tina, shot us a note and said they wanted to come see us. It was so nice.

And tonight- goodness gracious, Holden and Davis were so tired, they were both in bed, sound asleep by 6:00 and 7:30 respectively.

This week is going to be another crazy one. I have to take tomorrow off to stay with Holden (our nanny is out of town), then Bennett is taking Tuesday off...tons of work to catch up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then we're having Holden's tubes put in Friday.  I'm ready for a new year.

2012 has been a tough year. A growing year, but a tough year. And OHMYLORD, a fast year. It kind of breaks my heart that Holden will be one in a month. UGH.

Just snacking. In her cute sweater and skinny jeans. She's so stylish.

At the BEST PLACE ON EARTH! Academy. Davis gets so frustrated if we don't take Holden out of the cart and let her ride with him. It's so sweet. 

Every girl needs a pink and purple Barbie jeep!

Davis and his sweet cousin, Ronan!