The Garcitas Ranch

We spent Thanksgiving at The Garcitas Ranch. It's really such a charming place- with cool houses and bunk houses, a lovely pool where you can get some sun, huge stretches of space, giant trees, and handmade swing sets and toys built years and years ago. There are also ponds with alligators in them, horses, cows, scorpions, and even snakes. I guess these things are all part of Texas ranches. Some of the features of the ranch I like more than others. Ha.

The best part of the Garcitas Ranch is the group of people. Davis has some of the most interesting relatives...they are this interesting mix of born and bred Texans, with inherent interest in the world and the people that inhabit it. There are art collectors, full-time travelers, ex-mayors of Aspen, ranchers, authors, full-time pool players, etc. But most of them have seen and been a part of such interesting things- so it's always fun to catch up with them.

The other great thing about the Garcitas Ranch is hearing Bennett tell stories from his childhood, all centered around the ranch and the things, buildings and people that still reside there. He says that NOTHING has changed there. That it's truly like stepping back in time. And so it's fun to hear those great stories- but also to see little Davis reliving some of them.

Bennett's aunt Missy is the hand working the koozie puppet. She is awesome. I feel like she has some stories to tell. We usually like to talk about what we're reading. I need to send her some books.

This is Davis' 1st cousin, Nikki. She has the sweetest curly brown hair, and a clever older sister named Riley.

Bennett's cousin, Diane. Loud and SO FUN.

Davis was always just a step behind these big kids...but that didn't hold him back. He would have chased them to the ends of the earth.

And don't worry about this one. She had fun too. Smiling, as always. Did I tell you she is getting her 2nd tooth? It's on the bottom, so now she has a pair.

I took this picture because look how TINY she is. Can she please just stay this way forever?

Davis and his cousin, William.

This year we did an afternoon picnic at Bennett Park. The park is gorgeous- and it is land Bennett's grandfather gave to the state.

I think it was really special for Bennett- and that makes it really special to me.