Sweet Little Tiny

Holden is such a sweet little tiny. She is in a mommy-mommy-mommy phase all of the sudden. Meaning, if I leave the room, or she thinks I have left the house, she starts to cry. It's so sweet...but at the same time, I hope it doesn't last long. I don't want her to feel sad when I can't be there AND it makes me feel horrible. Davis didn't really go through a stage like that, really. He loves me, but he's always been pretty independent.

Holden is sooooo sensitive too. Today we went to "the jum" (the gym) with Carrie, Porter and Mary Mae. First of all, Davis rough housed and literally almost laughed his brains out the entire two hours, with Porter. He is in such a fun stage- thinks everything is the most hysterical thing he's ever hear or seen. Anyway, Mary Mae pushed Holden at one point. It didn't hurt. She didn't even fall. And even if she had- the gym has padded floors. But I could see it in that instant- her mouth opened- her head dropped back and she started to GASP for air. It hurt her feelings so badly- she cried for a good twenty minutes. Couldn't pull it together.

I hugged her, shushed her, held her, tried to give her her bottle...and then I was like "come on sister. suck it up." She never wants me to put her down. She follows me all over the house. She REACHES so high for me the second I walk in in the morning. Love her so.

And because I love her so, I'm going to post a few more bootie shots, and a little snapshot from this morning. I know it's ridiculous, but I can't get over the junk in her trunk.

Her little pout kills me in this picture!