Sweet Boy

Davis has said so many sweet things over this holiday break. I need to write them down (type them) so I can remember them. He is such a dear. He melts my heart.

On Christmas morning- I heard his feet pitter patter down the hall- and then I heard him pause...I thought he would say something like "Santa came!" or "Look at all the presents!" but instead he said, with a deep sigh, "The living room is SO beautiful..." And this he said simply to himself as Bennett and I were still scurrying out of our bed.

The other night, I was putting Holden to bed, and I had just explained to Davis that I wanted him to wait in the living room until I came back out. I'm rocking her, and her door is pushed open, and there is Davis, looking sheepish. "Davis. I want you to wait outside while I rock Holden..." Davis didn't skip a beat and said "I want to sing upta bupta to her..." and then he quietly and gently came over to the rocking chair and started 'twinkle twinkle' right at the upta bupta part. "Upta bupta world so high. Like a diamond in the sky..."

Yesterday, after going to the gym, he said "Mommy, I want to go to Old McDonald's because I'm bery hungry. Can you take me there?"

He also looked over and saw Holden all cozied up in her car seat, covered in a cozy pink blanket. He said "Mommy, can I have that blanket?" I said no, that Holden needed it and that he had a very thick coat. "Mommy, can I SHARE that blanket?" Again I said no, and that she needed a blanket. "Can you get me a blanket, mommy?" I don't have one for you, I said. He paused, stuck out his bottom lip and very sincerely said "That makes me bery sad, mommy..."

Today, on the way home he was talking so much and he said "When I get big (this is the new thing- talking about when he gets big) I'm going to have a big mawn mower and I'm going to be strong and brave and it's going to be hot and woud and you are going to touch it and it's going to burn your finger." I said "Oh, that's sad. I don't want to get burned..." and he then said "I will protect you. I will hold you in my arms."

I also asked him why Haley (a little friend in his class) was crying today. "Haley was crying because I was not done with my snack and she didn't have a spot..." to which, I said "It's hard to wait, isn't it?" "It's hard to wait if I'm opening presents" he said.

He also likes to caress Holden gently and said "I'm being bery nice to you. I'm being bery gentle..." in the sweetest, quietest voice.

I adore him.