Sweedie Kids

A couple more pictures from our reunion on Sunday.

So cute in their coordinating yellow/chartreuse. It's really awesome how Holden's hair is getting so thick on top. Just on top. :)

Davis and Remy having a little jam session at Nikki's.
Aren't her curls the best?
Oh and as mentioned, a friend of ours started this hat company called Sweedie Kids, and Holden is now one of their first models...on Facebook. Ha. Here are some pics I took yesterday- trying to keep her little ears warm. Note the progression...

I don't know about this hat.
Accessories are a girl's best friend, you say?

What? I could be the new face of Sweedie Kids? 

It's growing on me...

This hat is ROCKING. MY. WORLD.
How did I ever doubt it?
Also, I just want to say that yesterday Bennett said something like "Gosh, she is cute. I mean, how did she get that cute? The rest of us aren't that cute..." And the funny thing is that I responded like this "What do you mean- none of the rest of us are that cute??? Davis is that cute!" Total mom response. I mean, what I should have said was: "What are you trying to say? I don't know about you, but I'm that cute. I think she looks like me." Ha. Oh humility.
Unrelated, but I also just want to make a note that with Davis, anything that happened in the past is/was "last day". "Last day I spilled that milk on the counter." "Last day I went to the pool at the YMCA." I love it. Happy Tuesday.