Sammy Time

I asked Bennett to take the kids to Fred today...I asked him this a month or so ago when Carrie and I decided to host the Noonday Collection party. I wanted to prep for the party, and to be honest, I wanted to spend a whole day, in my house, by myself. And it was amazing. No offense to the three people I love most...but man, it's been 2-3 years since I've been in my house, alone. I couldn't decide whether I should sleep, shop, go get a pedicure, listen to Regina Spektor and Glee on Pandora, or just lie on the floor and listen to the silence.

So I did all of the above. And it was amazing.

Did I tell you it was amazing? It was amazing.

Carrie came over around 3, so we had some wine and started to prep. We have been so excited about having this party. Everyone has asked who we know at Noonday or how much money we earn from it, but we didn't know anyone, and we only found out tonight, after the show, that we get a little percentage off for hosting. We have just been really excited about the cause...and the merch. So, when sweet Marijoy joined us from Noonday, with a trunk full of awesome vintage stuff to display the goods, we were excited.

18 people showed up. Mainly our usual group of friends, but also some gals from work, and some friends from Carrie's school circle. It was so much fun, everything was decorated for Christmas, and everyone seemed really happy to both be here, and also, to be supporting something as cool as Noonday.

We had a great time. Oh and people bought a ton of stuff- because they wanted to. I kept hearing people try to narrow down, vs. hearing people stress over finding ONE thing they are willing to buy. I'm so glad we did this and I seriously recommend this to all of my readers. All 2 million of you. Seriously. Think about it.

Tomorrow I will post pics both of my clean house, without little (and big) people running around picking up and moving everything I set down (amen) well as some pics from the party itself.

But for now, these are the items that I would consider the top three orders from the party.

the gold arrow necklace- i didn't order this one...this time.

this scarf. and really- it's cute here- but not blow-your-mind-amazing like it is in person. i might have ordered this one for myself. to me, from me. merry christmas sam. you're a real gem.

and this cute seed bracelet. so pretty you would think they are painted. and so cute with a watch.
oh one last thing. if you see anything on the site that you want to order as part of this trunk show- there is a special link- so email me, or leave a comment. this basically just means sweet marijoy gets credit for the sale. she homeschools her kids. she is mother teresa in my book.