2013 is going to be a good year. I can feel it. And I know a lot of people laugh at resolutions, but I firmly believe in them. If you don't have any goals, you certainly won't reach them. Anyway, here is my first draft of my resolutions, or goals, for 2013. In no certain order.

Get fit. Like really fit.

Drop 15-20 pounds.

Play the guitar again/more.

Plug into something- find a group or cause I'm passionate about- commit to it and make a difference.

Stress less.

Travel more.

Do something amazing. Shockingly good. Maybe at work. Maybe with aforementioned cause.

Begin my 2nd authorial endeavor. (Start 2nd book).

Be bold. Speak truth. Put myself out there. Be a leader.

Know God more.

Laugh more.

Hurry less.


Love Bennett, Holden and Davis with all of my heart.

Be more compassionate.

And that's all for now. More to come. Looking forward to a new year and FRESH START.