I'm Ba-ack...

Back from the trip, back from the pitch...I think it went well, really well. But you just never know. I missed my girls christmas exchange last night, which was a bummer, but going on this trip was a good opportunity for me.

Poor Bennett, he ended up having to take today off because Davis wasn't feeling so hot yesterday...so he had both kiddos all day while also trying to get some work done. I fully expected to come home to a wrecked house which just sounded exhausting after traveling and rehearsing late into the night. But when I got home, everything was picked up, candles were lit, and there wasn't a thing for me to do. Buddy was speaking my love language. It meant a lot to me.

Anyway, this whole post is random. So here are a few random photos I have to share. No rhyme or reason, no certain order, just things I've happened to capture in the craziness.

I will say that I am trying to wrap work up tomorrow and START MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Yep, that's true. On the 19th. I've never been this late. Oh well! We decorated our tree tonight and it's just so pretty. The effort of a real tree, with lights, is fully worth it.

Oh also, Honey bought Holden Stuart Weitzman baby shoes. They are the CUTEST things I've ever seen. Should I be concerned that my 11 month old has Weitzmans and I don't? She is going to live a charmed life. I can tell.

We hit Cuatro's and Highland Lanes last Saturday- so fun. Who knew Carrie was such a good bowler. I think she's going to join a league. Ha.

We basically took turns napping on and off Sunday- all four of us. Yes, the busiest time of the year, and maybe the most behind I've ever been- and we're napping.

 Lately both Davis and Holden are really into playing in the bath- together. And if you don't put her in right away- she just hangs out by the tub- sort of grunting, trying to let you know how much she wants to get in with him. And as she does this- I just can't help but adore her little body. She is soo tiny- short and small- but I'm noticing, girlfriend has a bootie. Love it.
I love this pic and I feel like the perfect, most honest caption is this:
"Oh. I want to talk on the phone in the bath tub..."
(The phone, by the way, is a brush)

Nikki snapped this pic of Davis yesterday he was just not feeling so great...but I know having Nikki and Honey over to see him made him feel much better.

And this- showing Holden the ropes in Nikki's car. I feel like this picture of Holden sort of shocked me. She looks like a real little girl- like I feel like I can see a little bit of what she is going to look like. It's weird when that happens.