Down the Tubes

So Holden had been on two different antibiotics when I took her in for a 10 day check in on her ears...this was Friday, as in less than one week ago. Dr. Frank took a look and said "Her ears look great!" So that was that, and we went on about our business.

Fast forward to Monday- Holden started to show signs of congestion, red eyes, runny nose, etc. Because it is cold and flu season, I figured she just had a cold. Fast forward to Monday night when she was up all night with a fever and then to Tuesday afternoon when my nanny called and said she had a fever of 104 and was shaking...

We took her back to the doctor and he said her ears were infected after meeting with an ENT, we're probably going to have to put tubes in. Here are some things I didn't know about this procedure:

1) The whole procedure is 10 minutes long.

2) Most kids don't even have irritation following the procedure.

3) The tubes are the size of one of the letters in this font. Tiny.

So anyway- it's actually a good thing since she won't have as many ear infections. AND, she is already feeling better again due to the meds she is on now. 3rd antibiotic.

Aside from that- yesterday Bennett got a call from Davis' school asking him to come pick him up because he had diarrhea. And they said he couldn't go back today either because so many kids have been sick and it has started with diarrhea. So, he's at home with Honey, and he doesn't look or act sick at all. Lucky duck.

P.S. He stayed dry all through the night last night. :)