A Little Behind...

We've been meaning to get a christmas tree- this will be our first year having a fresh tree vs. using our metallic blue tree as our main tree. We have always wanted, and planned, to be fresh tree people when we had kids old enough to remember the unforgettable evergreen smell. But as we're a little behind on getting said tree, lighting said tree, and decorating said tree, I'm thinking a metallic tree is almost as good.

I can't get with the fake evergreen trees (except yours, nanny!)- but I certainly do like a red, silver, green or blue tree. I brought a red tinsel tree to Davis' class room and it's starting to look so loved with all of the handmade ornaments and paper chains. Anyway, it's 14 days until Christmas. And we need to get cracking.

And I'm behind on booking Davis' three year well-check.

And I'm supposed to have made an eye appointment for myself because someone small and hairy broke my glasses, and an appointment for my car before the recall on the part expires, and of course I need to address all of our christmas cards.

And oh, yes, there are those 15 pounds I still need to lose. Can't forget those.

And when we do an end of year recap on our Bennett family planning from 2012, the majority of the things will remain unfinished. Some will even be unstarted.

That's hard for me. But I think the hardest thing about it is that all of those things haven't suffered because I've just had SO much time to do other things. That certainly doesn't feel like the case...because where did this year go? Holden is about to be one. How?? And man, for some reason, Davis being potty trained, and Holden turning one, makes my heart hurt.

So yes, I'm a little behind. And if I could get one thing for Christmas this year...it would be a little bit more time.