What I love Tuesday

In honor of Thanksgiving...

I love that when Davis sees something Christmas related he says "It's a christmas!" We just hung up our advent calendar (thanks Nanny) and he is just DYING to open it.

I love that Davis thinks a hug and a kiss are inseparable.

I love that Holden is almost always standing at her crib when I walk in in the morning- and lately she shrieks with excitement- just dying to be picked up.

I love pineapple. It's really so good. So good that sometimes I eat too much and then my mouth hurts.

I love being surprised with kindness.

I love shopping for little girl clothes. Seriously. I can't stop.

I love that Holden has learned to fake cry. It really cracks me up.

I love the Christmas CD I bought at Starbucks this morning- it's got Paul McCartney, Fun, She & Him, and some other fresh and fun ones.

I love the new Sweedie hat I just got for Holden. One of my co-workers married a woman from Sweden- they all wear these cute hats so she started making them here. Can't wait to see it on her.

I love that I am about to have 5 days off. THANK GOD. Couldn't have come sooner.

I love turkey chili. With a little velveeta. A can. A box. We are obsessed.

I love that Davis laughs his head off when Holden grabs his face or his hair. He thinks it's so funny.

I love this glitter reindeer. I want to make one.

I love mashed potatoes. And brown gravy. Not white, blech. I hope I get access to some good ones Thursday.

I love my girlfriends- including my sister and my mom.

I love that Davis tells Bennett to "take two feet off the table, daddy. they go on the ground."

I love that Katie will be home in a couple weeks. I cannot even believe that.

I love that what is true today may not always be true tomorrow. PROBABLY will not be true tomorrow.

I love that out of the blue last night, Davis randomly said "I want Nikki to come to my house" (yeah, he said Nikki, not Mikki...boo hoo hoo) and she was also randomly plannning on coming, unbeknownst to him.

I love the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't blog before Thursday. I'll take pics over the break.

Be happy. Be full. Be free. Be thankful.