umm, poop.

Davis thinks it is really hysterical to talk about poop these days. So, while I am more inclined to just blow it off, knowing that making it a bad thing makes it WAY more interesting, for the sake of his classmates, I've been trying to get him to tone it down.

"I'm going to put poop in this garbage truck, mom."

"Davis, we don't need to talk about poop."

"Yes we do."

"Davis, come on..."

10 minutes go by.

"Davis, what is your garbage truck's name?"

"Umm, poop."

"Davis, his name is not poop. What is your truck's name?"

"Umm, peep."

So there you go. Lots of poop talk these days. Such a boy.
In other, more ladylike news, Holden has her first tooth! Yahoo. Honestly, I was starting to wonder...and to be even more honest, I was thinking "What if her teeth don't come in? Do they make baby dentures? Poor thing. It would be horrible to have to have dentures. As a baby." HAHAHA. I really thought that.

Also, you will not believe this. Thursday at 1:00 a.m. Holden woke up crying. She was not miserable, but just sort of sad. I figured her little tooth was hurting her, so I rocked her and laid her back down. As I laid her back down, in the dark, I felt something like crumbs or sand all over the bed. I thought that Davis had probably put a cookie in there or something, so I just changed the sheet and went back to bed. As did Holden.

The next morning, I was changing her and I noticed something sort of orangey/yellow on her shoulder, and some stuff that I can only describe as chili powder. It was also on her stuffed animal. I looked everywhere but couldn't figure out what it was. She was happy, so we went on about our day. I took Davis to school, and then headed to the grocery store. As I was pushing her in the cart, I noticed that her left ear was caked with the same stuff in her bed.

Immediately, I knew that her ear drum had to have ruptured. It was all over her bed. BUT...she was pretty content still. A little fussy, but not screaming misery like you would expect.

Anyway, took her to the doctor, sure enough, MAJOR ear infection. I felt so bad and I could tell the doctor was looking at me like "Umm, hello. How did you not notice?" But she is so sweet. She never complains. She is such a little darling. I mean, she went right back to bed after her ear drum must have ruptured. WHAT? I can't even take it.

So that is what is going on with us! This time change is throwing. me. off. I like it in the a.m. but hate leaving the office when it's dark. Davis always says "is it nigh night time?" when i pick him up. :-/

This weekend I'm going to my first Trade Days with a few girlfriends. One of my friends, Courtney, has been wanting to go for a while, so we're going to drive over for the day. I'm super excited to have the day just to hang out and be fancy free.

And Christmas is coming! Well Thanksgiving first...but you know what I mean. Happy Tuesday.