Sweet Frances

Davis, Holden and I went to Fredericksburg today so I could meet Kirsten's sweet baby girl, Frances. She is SO sweet and so adorable. She was born at 9 pounds, 4 ounces, which technically means she is a big baby, but gosh, she still felt tiny to me. It was so fun to meet her and of course I loved talking with Kirsten.

Here is a sweet picture of Andy with his new baby sister...he is going to be such a good helper.

Also, Davis said some really sweet things today I want to remember. He's so thoughtful, meaning, he just really thinks a lot. He doesn't miss a thing. Lately, he is very into stating facts. We talked a lot about Andy, and how he has a new baby sister...he was nodding and thinking and then said "Not Holden." I said "No, not Holden..." and then he said "Holden is my baby."

He also says things like "Honey has a green house..." or "Honey had more vacuums but they were yucky so now she only has one." But beyond stating these facts, you can tell that he is really thinking about them...because he says such sweet and sensitive things.

My mom is planning to sell her house and move, so she got rid of one of her couches and was telling Davis the other day that she used to have a couch, but she doesn't any more...and today he said "Honey doesn't have a couch. I going to get Honey a couch and then she will be so happy." Same thing for the vacuums. "I going to get Honey those vacuums and make them not yucky for her." (She told him they were yucky as a reason for why she got rid of them. Getting rid of vacuums is a really hard thing for Davis to understand).

Anyway, today as we were loading Davis up in the car, Honey came out to give him a kiss and he slowly looked at her and looked at her house and said "Honey, do you have just one person?" And she thought for a minute, and he said "Honey, do you have only one person here?" looking at her house...So I said "Are you asking if just Honey lives here?" He said "Yes" and you could tell he was concerned. So I said "Yes, just Honey lives here. That's why she likes you to come visit." And he smiled...he is too. sweet. for. words.

Also, he has started calling me "mama" again. And tonight, I was making his bed while he watched Cars on the couch. He walked into his room and said "Mama, come watch this movie with me. Mama, I want to snuggle wif you..." He is such a sweetheart.

Today was a good day.