Little Princie's Dedication

Holden was dedicated at our church on Sunday- she looked as cute as a button- seriously I couldn't get over it, she looked so sweet (pics to come)...and of course she acted so dear too. There were four little boys, and then little Holden. When we carried her up in her little pink dress, with her little flower headband, you could hear an audible gasp. Okay, I know...I'm her mom. I get it. But again, this is my blog, and I feel like if it's appropriate anywhere, it might be here. Ha.

So enough self indulgence about my doll of a little girl.

The best part of it was the prayer our pastor prayed over her. I won't get it exactly right, but because I want to remember the gist of it, I'll try to catch the important parts here. He prayed for her that she would have great friends, even early on, that she could walk through life with, and that she would remember how special she was- simply because her heavenly father made her with great care and detail. And that she would be content. That she would know the love of her Father through her parents and family.

And I really thought it was the most important prayer. The most important things to pray. That she find great people to go through life with. That she could find her confidence in the one thing that isn't fleeting. That she would be content and at peace.

I look at her. And I look at Davis. And I am reminded that regardless of what comes my way in this life- I, we, have been given the most amazing gifts of all. And when I see what God has given me, just looking at them, I am both incredibly thankful and also amazed by His love, for me.

My grandparents were there, Honey was there, Nikki was it was a special day.

I love you miss Holden, little princie. I love the kind and gentle heart that I already see in you. I love who I know you will become, and that I get to be a part of it.

Funny side note: I was trying to explain to Davis that Sunday was a special day for Holden, that she was like a little princess that day. So to be silly and fun, I sat Holden on his little upholstered chair and said "It's little princie's day. She's a little princess. So now we all have to do what she wants..." and then I made up all these funny things like "Okay, now she wants you to get her that toy...and now she wants you to rub her back..." and he thought it was hysterical.

This morning he looked at me out of the blue and said "I want to be little princie now..." Smart kid.