"I lub you, my sweetieheart"

Davis looked at me yesterday after church and said "I'm your sweetieheart..." with such a serious and sincere face. I said "You're right, you sure are..." and grinned thinking about how I didn't realize that I ever call him my sweetheart, but that I do, and he remembers it.

Kids remember everything you say and do- whether they can articulate it or not- and I believe it's all the little confirmations that you give them that makes them feel so loved and complete.

Last night, again, he gave me a hug and said "I lub you, my sweetieheart" and I almost fell over. So sweet. He also told Nikki that he loved her more than ALL the mack trucks, all the ment mixers, ALL THE VEHICLES! What a passionate little man.

I'm going to write about our awesome thanksgiving at Garcitas ranch, as well as Holden's dedication yesterday, but I'll save those until I have pictures. I think I accidentally left the camera in Honey's purse. Ooops.

In the meantime, it's starting to look like a Christmas at our house! I hung my new wreath from Red, we got out the vintage light up Ho Ho, and I ordered a few things from Etsy. Here are some pics. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

I got this little gem from TheCoinLaundry.

And this print from ExLibrisJournals. I'm going to frame it, I think.

This vintage Ho Ho pillow from CedarStreetCreations.

And a few little headbands for Holden from Bloomz. She has a couple already, but this one, in particular, is made to match her Christmas dress. I love how tiny and delicate they are. I cannot stand when little girls have flowers and bows the size of their heads. Satellites, I call them. But I get it, a lot of people like them, so que sera sera.

And now I'm getting excited for our Noonday Party Sunday. I hope it's a success- for our friends in Africa.