Davis is THREE

Davis turned three Wednesday. He was not spoiled at all. Just had a little dinner party the night before, opened two presents the night before, had new jammies for the night before, opened a really cool TOW TRUCK when he woke up, and a few more presents from Nikki and Honey, had a cupcake in the morning, put on his DAVIS Monster Truck t-shirt, had a Thomas the Train cookie cake at school, and then ended the day with the other presents from Nikki and Honey.

Poor kid. ;-)

Here are some funny pictures from the party at his school. I was trying to get pictures of Davis and then all these little people were lined up by me saying "Can you take MY picture?" It was so fun. Davis wanted to eat that cookie cake and get home where he wanted to play "lots of times" with his tow truck. HE LOVES IT.

Horrible picture, but the only one I could get...

For breakfast. From Honey and Mikki.


Davis with Ben and the twins in his class.

Adam. Maybe this is the kid who made the dinosaur sounds. Maybe. 

They asked me if I wanted colored or B&W frosting, I hesitated and then thought "Who am I kidding? It's a cookie cake. For three year olds. Colored icing please. The Works."

Davis and one of his teachers, Mr. Justin, who happened to share the same birthday.

He couldn't wait to get that first bite.