D for Davis

Davis keeps seeing "Ds for Davis!" everywhere we go. It's very exciting. I can tell he feels like he is personally featured, each time he sees a D for Davis, whether it's on a road sign, a license plate, or on the Cars movie.

Speaking of D for Davis- here are some pics from his little birthday party at Pheel's! He keeps saying "I want to have my birthday party again. I want to have it at Pheel's, with cake and presents!" Sometimes he even asks Bennett and I to sing the birthday song to him. I get it. I love birthdays and always wish mine lasted longer too.

I cannot believe that out of all these pictures, I didn't get a single one with him. Boo. :(

I love that Bennett makes his cake every year. What a good dad...and baker too!

And B and Corky brought a real live monster truck!! Such a big hit.

Muscle men.

And Honey and Mikki got him a John Deere tractor. Which he LOVES.

Hanging with a few of his buds. Eating that awesome cake.