Tonight we went to Abuelo's for dinner. It's a mexican food restaurant sort of on the way home from picking Davis up, and right near the mall, where I was picking up a cookie cake for Davis to bring to school tomorrow on his 3rd BIRTHDAY!

It's not amazing...but every time I go, I'm surprised by how much better it is than most mexican food restaurants in Austin. We don't go there very often, like at all. In fact, tonight as we were sitting there, I looked at Bennett and said "this is pretty good. We never come here. In fact, last time I came here, i was pregnant with you! (looking at davis). Then I paused and said "Wait. Literally the last time we ate here was three years ago to this very day. The night before Davis was born."

So, let me capture this...

Three years ago, Davis took me for dinner and we didn't know it was our last date EVER as married people without kids, but I did eat jalapenos and ancho fudge pie to see if I would go into labor...and to our surprise, later that night I did just that.

Fast forward three years later, we show up at the same restaurant, the night before Davis' birthday and realize that the last time we were there was the night before he was born. And now it's the night before his birthday. Three years later. WHAT???? EEEK! CRAZY!!!

Anyway, I cannot believe my sweet boy is going to be three tomorrow. I love him so.