These Boots...

This morning I was getting dressed, and as I was putting on my boots, I started to sing "These boots were made for walking..." and Davis' eyes lit up- like "you have a song for your shoes?" And I kept singing right through the "one of these days these boots are gonna WALK ALL OVER YOU!" And he squealed with delight. "Sing it again mommy. Sing it again."

And on the way to school, we were sitting very quietly in traffic, and all of the sudden I abruptly stretched-yawned-and made a funny stretching/sigh/life is so tiring sometimes noise. His eyes lit up- like "Oh my goodness- what just happened?" And he giggled and said "Do it again mommy. Do it again!" And I felt very happy.

Last night Nikki came over and we had such a fun time catching up, eating sushi, and laughing at Davis as he asked us to tell him stories about "ment mixers that are green and purple and pink and named poopie toopie". It was so refreshing- not the stories- but hanging out with her. Ha.

Poor little Holden, her fever got so high again, I was up with her most of the night. At one point she was shaking so badly, I thought "Is this fever chills or something worse?" and I thought through having to pack both her and Davis up to head to the hospital...but luckily, I just gave her a midnight bath, some ibuprofen and she cooled down a bit. Enough to sleep for a while.

When I put her in the bath- she immediately cooled down and she began to smile. A small smile, but a smile that meant "I'm trying mommy. I'm trying to be happy." And I felt so much love for her.

And last night, I talked to Bennett about some things frustrating me at work, and he encouraged me in ways no one else could. He believes in me- maybe more than I do myself. And I felt so lucky.

So look out. Because these boots WERE made for walking.