So Woud

Davis and I are probably a sight for tired eyes on the way to work in the morning- mainly when one of our jams comes on the radio. Davis has two songs that just get him so amped up he squeals with joy and excitement. They are: Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and Maroon 5s: "Payphone".

While these choices might call his taste into question- especially Maroon 5- if you saw his excitement when they came on, you would want to "TURN IT UP SO WOUD!!!" too. Today, while sitting completely still in traffic, I started to whip my wet hair back and forth to the music. Sort of sideways headbanging...

OH.MY.GOSH. Davis got so amped up. We rolled back the sunroof, whipped our hair, and clapped and sang at the top of our lungs. Then I remember it was 8:15, and that I was surrounded by bored drivers, just looking for some sort of entertainment and I laughed to myself. Maybe everyone does this? I don't know...

Anyway, last night I indulged myself, and had Jennifer (the nanny) come back at 7:30 so I could go to the YMCA and get some groceries, for goodness sakes. It was so nice. I worked out at the Y, jogged, did the rowing machine (hard core) and then did weights and sit ups. I am starting to really enjoy working out. I'm having problems with my left knee- but other than that- I'm starting to feel a lot more fit. I got home at 9:30, showered, ate, put laundry away, worked, watched The Voice, and then went to sleep.

I woke up around 6 and couldn't fall back asleep. Not for the reasons you might think- but mainly because I was so tired and I just KNEW the second I fell asleep I would hear Davis' little feet pounding down the hallway- or worse yet- just busting my door open, almost giving me a heart attack. It's the worst. You'd think I would be used to him coming in in the mornings- but he barges in and scares the crud out of me. So I ended up rolling around and staying awake and of course, he didn't even wake up until 7:15.

He heard me say "Oh crud!" yesterday (luckily it was oh crud) and now says it all the time.

The night before last, while we were lying in his bed, he looked at me and said "you happy, mom?" It melted my heart. I ask him that a lot- so I guess it is starting to make sense to him to ask back.

Also last night, he got Holden to giggle. She was sitting in his little mini upholstered chair and he was laughing (quite obnoxiously really) and Holden started to slap her arms on her legs and giggle.

It was priceless.
Happy Tuesday.