A few pictures from this Sunday, blurry, but hopefully still enjoyable. AND...I just got a little text on my phone with a picture of Holden standing up. She pulled herself up on a suitcase. I think she's going to skip real crawling and go straight to walking. Holy cow!

Davis got a haircut in preparation for the big day. This is the before picture- but honestly the after isn't much different. I was underwhelmed with the haircut, but I guess it's better than a butcher job. 

Holden likes to be up in Davis' business when he plays. We're reaching the point where Davis is getting a little frustrated that she doesn't recognize what he is playing with.

Holden also likes to be up in my business when I'm taking pictures.

What a sweetheart.
And this is a look at Bennett's workout group, Atomic Athlete. If you click on the picture to expand it and look closely, you will see Davis and Bennett in the back left. SERIOUS BUSINESS.