Well, I didn't get to go see Katie this hiss...because I was working. BUT I am thrilled to know that she might be home as early as Thanksgiving! Holy cow. I cannot wait.

We did have a fun weekend though...some of the highlights for me were:

- the cold weather! yes. finally. it feels like fall. i hope it lasts.

- taking Davis and Holden to the little gym in our neighborhood to play (this was the first time when Holden actually climbed on things and really enjoyed looking at all the equipment and the people)

- walking with Davis around the neighborhood on Saturday night to see all the spooky blow-up things. that little boy is afraid of NOTHING.

- church on Sunday. we actually took Holden to the nursery this time because she's gotten so mobile, it's hard to listen at all with her climbing all over and reaching for everything. she was the only little girl and she seemed to do just fine.

- seeing Argo last night with Bennett. we waited to go until 7:35, and we planned to have dinner during the movie at Alamo Drafthouse. there was quite a snafu and we didn't get dinner until the last five minutes. i realize this sounds incredibly silly- but we were STARVING. we couldn't focus on anything else, so we joked about how selfish the two people were next to us, ordering two pizzas and not even offering us any, and how we liked the movie, but really just the last five minutes when we had food. however, in the end, our meal was comped and we got two free tickets to another show, so I guess all is well that ends well.

This blog is called personalities because i am really loving watching Davis and Holden's personalities come to life- especially seeing how different they are. Davis used to play for a good, solid hour at a time, in his crib with toys. He was so happy doing it...and all my girlfriends were so jealous because I could take a leisurely shower, cook something, read something, take a nap even...

Holden? Not so much. She is NOT going to play alone in her room. No way. No how. You set her down for two seconds and she pulls her little body up and stands by the rail and cries and cries until you walk back in, sometimes even pounding her little hand on the rail for emphasis.

And oh her feelings get so hurt when she falls down or can't reach something she wants...

And Davis is just drumming up conversation of his own these days. Lots of questions, lots of comments, and lots of "it's my turn. i'm talking." Last night he went to dinner with my mom, Nikki and Tony, and my mom said that he told her he wants to go play at her house and sleep there. But in his bed. Could she bring his bed to her house?

This morning Bennett got in bed with him and gave him a big HOAG and Davis said "OOOH, I like that. I like that hoag." Ha. And yesterday, as we were trying to explain that he can't wear shorts, but he can wear jeans, he looked at me and said "Are these cool? Are these cool, mom?" I'm not sure where he got that...but it was so cute and I was so surprised.

That's all for now...hope you had a good one.