I feel completely overwhelmed. With everything. You name it, I feel overwhelmed by it. I'm tired...Holden was up about 4 times on Sunday night, just to hang out, and Davis was up last night throwing up. I'm behind on work. I haven't worked out in a week. I got a bill for a so-exorbitant-i-can't-even-write-it amount from the City of Austin today (damn you, sod! don't even ask- if you heard the amount you would pass out and die. it's probably a record.)

And I feel like I am on repeat with Davis- constantly asking him to do the same things over and over- him not listening- me repeating- etc. etc. I'm literally exhausted and sick of hearing myself say:
Davis- I'm not going to ask you again.
Davis if you don't do X, you will sit in time out.
Davis, that hurts my feelings, please help me out.
Davis, I am going to count to 3, and then you better X.
Davis, whining is not going to get you anything.
Davis, please, just be nice.

So I'm going to remind myself of the things I should be overwhelmed by in a positive way. Only I get to do this...everyone else- just commiserate with me- don't tell me what I should be thankful for. Ha.

1) I have two healthy children. I would know real problems if they had health problems.

2) I have a great husband and best friend.

3) I live in A-MURR-ICA.

4) I have a nice roof over my head.

5) I work somewhere fun. I get to dress fun. We do fun things. We talk and laugh. It's just FUN.

6) A woman at the wedding came up to me and gave me probably the nicest compliment I've ever received. She said "This may sound funny...but I've got to tell you. You are the most magnetic woman in the room. Seriously. Other than the bride." HOW NICE IS THAT? I might never get another compliment like that in my life! It made me feel like a million bucks.

7) It's getting cooler outside.

8) I have God's promises. I shouldn't care about anything else.

9) I am going to the YMCA tonight to sweat it out.

10) I have great friends. Great friends.

Okay, so that is that. And that is what I am going to focus on. Thank you God. Please pull me out of my rut. I'm such a sad sack Debbie Downer these days. Maybe I'm just tired.

Peace out.