Music Fes-ba-bal

We made it to, and through, the ACL Music Festival...which Davis referred to as the "FES! ba-bal."

We made a plan to bring the kiddos to the festival on Saturday morning to see The Quiet Company- an Austin band that we love. It was overcast, and it was early for a music festival. 11:15 a.m. But it was a PERFECT scenario for bringing kids. Rather than the expected 70,000 felt like maybe there were a few hundred people at that time. I know there were more- but because it was early and overcast- we had great weather and huge open spaces to lay out a sleeping bag, relax, or run in circles, which is what Davis chose to do.

People thought we were crazy for bringing Davis and Holden, but since we left by 1:30 and got to ride a VIP shuttle back and forth to parking- it wasn't bad at all. That was Saturday.

Saturday night, Davis went to see Jack White with a buddy, and I stayed home.

On Sunday, we asked Jennifer to come stay with Davis and Holden and we went back to hear a few other favorites: The Civil Wars, The Lumineers, Old 97s and The Avett Brothers. It was such a different experience, and so much fun. It's really rare that we go do something during the day, alone. We felt like kids, ourselves. And there is no way we could have brought Davis and Holden on Sunday. It was SO HOT and it definitely felt like the full 70,000 people were in attendance. I would have been so stressed trying to wrangle Davis...and miss Holden would have been so sweaty.

Anyway, the festival was such a treat and we were really thankful about how it all worked out. YAY AUSTIN! YAY MUSIC. Some pics from the fes-ba-bal: