Little Miss Muffett

So the wedding weekend is over. It was beautiful, it was fun, it was tear and laughter-filled. Some of those tears were tears of joy, some were tears of frustration as Davis rolled down the hills at Barton Creek Resort in his tuxedo over and over and over...that little turkey. It's a damn good thing he looked so cute or I could have killed him!

He refused to do almost everything we asked him to do. He DID make it down the aisle, and definitely stole the show, as he carried his little red mac truck to the front of the beautiful pavilion, refusing to hold my hand, but eagerly waiting to be picked up by B once he reached the front of the ceremony.

I will tell you all about the weekend (and his performance) later- but in the meantime- here are some pics of little miss muffet and Davis. I can't think of any sweet nicknames for him right now. ;)

P.S. Holden is such a little girl- the second I put this dress on her- she began to pick up the layers so gently with her little fingers, just admiring her attire. So sweet.

P.P.S. I am so tired and in a really rotten mood today. Can't shake it. Wish I was flying to Tahiti. Alone.