Katie and Noonday

My best friend, Katie, will be moving back to Texas soon. I couldn't be more excited. She's actually in Katy this weekend so my plan is to go see her. I say "my plan" because of course it is falling on the Friday and weekend of the biggest project at work...so I'm just playing it all by ear...hoping that I will be able to go, if only for a little bit. I would be so majorly depressed about this situation if she wasn't moving back so soon. Spending time with Katie is good for my soul.


Carrie and I are going to host a Noonday Collection trunk show in November. We have talked about it forever and just decided this morning to go through with it. I'm so excited. If you haven't heard of Noonday Collection, listen up! It's about the coolest organization ever...put together by a gal our age in Austin. She has basically set up an organization of female artisans in Africa that create the most amazing jewelry, scarves, bags, and homegoods, and a network of women in the states that sell their goods. The idea is that you get awesome stuff- and the money goes to these women so their lives can become more awesome. Pretty good deal, right?

This isn't Stella & Dot. This isn't Rodan & Fields. This isn't SCENTSY.
This is about social impact. This is about changing the world. And...this is also about Christmas gifts.

To whet your appetite, here are a few of the things I love from the Noonday Collection. It was really hard to narrow them down.

I'm so jazzed. I would love it if we could get 20 or more gals to come.