Davis Visits the Dentist

This picture pretty much sums up the entire experience...and I can't say that I blame him. I HATE going to the dentist. He was pretty calm for the first 20 minutes, was pretty into the little silver "gun" that shoots water in your mouth, and dealt with the fluoride. Flossing? Not so much.

He is looking at her like "Are you crazy? The dentist is the WORST."
The dentist said he has a great bite- shouldn't need braces. Great to know...but that he has very deep crevices in his teeth and he can't have anything sticky anymore at all. No gummi bears, no fruit roll ups, no raisins, even. Bummer.

And what has Holden been up to? Just being as sweet as ever...seriously. A little angel. Today Davis laughed in her face and she copied him. It was so cute! I haven't seen her do that before. She is pulling up on everything and starting to really assert herself more, but geez, she is such a doll. Love her.

I don't want to forget these things- so I have to write them down. Yesterday after Davis' nap, he woke up and Bennett walked in to his room. He was sort of whiny and he looked at Bennett and said "I want mommy instead." Bennett pretended to act really sad and said "You don't want me? You don't love me? You love mommy better than me?" Davis said "I love mommy best than you." So Bennett pretended to cry, and Davis quickly said "But I love you daddy. I love you."

Tonight on the way to the grocery store, out of the blue he said "I love you best than daddy mommy." I said "Oh, that's sweet honey, but we love daddy too...daddy is the BEST daddy." He smiled and said "I love daddy too."

Tonight he was so fun and he asked both Bennett and I to get in bed with him. Bennett got in his twin bed with him first and I just waited, thinking we would take turns...Davis then said "I have a scoot for you." What? I said. "I have a scoot for you, mommy..." and I could see he was pointing to the space on the bed where we had scooted over for me. Too cute.

Also, I asked him about spanish class today, on the way to school and he said "No spanish today. Just da-matic pway." (Dramatic play). Ha.

When I got home today, he squealed with excitement and she grinned from ear to ear and I thought my heart might burst. Then I kissed Bennett and I felt so incredibly lucky.