Davis, Davis, Davis

OOOHHH. Davis has just really been pushing my buttons this week. I usually say he's such a joy to be around. I can't say that this week. I am hoping this is a short phase and not a full year as I am hearing left and right that "3s are really the tough part, not 2s". We'll see.

We have been talking a lot about Halloween lately- he always wants to drive by the house with the big witch and the "Gato". Yes, Davis is learning spanish. Its' pretty awesome. He knows numbers, colors, and some words. The best is that he has a little twang in his voice in general, so he says spanish like the worst spanglish speakers out there. "I want to go see the "GOT-TOW" (gato), mommy. Green is "Bear-Day" (verde).

Anyway, this is the first year he's gotten into talking about costumes, and for the past week when I have asked him what he wants to be for halloween, he says "I want to be a Mac truck with lego stickers on it and cars in it." WOW. We have our work cut out for us.

Anyway, lets get to the wedding. Davis looked like the drunk groomsman most of the day- his shirt was always untucked, his jacket disheveled, and at one point, he was tumbling straight down the giant, rolling hills at the beautiful and sophisticated Barton Creek Resort. I was just waiting for Bennett to catch him and reveal that he had grass stains all over his shirt.

I think Davis could feel how much we were trying to wrangle him- for the rehearsal, during the day, etc. and that made him RE.FUSE. to work with us in any way. I was really worried because during the rehearsal- the pavilion was wide open and he was running around shouting like a maniac. Courtney's dad, who has a great sense of humor, looked at me at one point and said "Whose kid is that?" I just smiled and said "He's his father's son..."

I really wasn't sure if he would perform on Saturday. Bennett was the best man so he walked down early. I was a bridesmaid, so I walked down about halfway, and Davis was supposed to stay back and walk down with Courtney's nephew, just before Courtney and her dad walked down. He was supposed to hold the ring pillow...and all day he said "I don't want to hold the pillow. I'n not going to hold the pillow."

We used up all of our bribes by 5:00 p.m. and the wedding was at 6:30. He was OBSESSED with this red mac truck I gave him and wouldn't put it down. Even during picture time. He finally set it down when Courtney asked him to and took a couple pictures. He wouldn't let Davis hold him, so in most of the groomsman pictures, it's B, Erik or Zach holding him.

The best part of the day was watching our friends with Davis- especially our guy friends- just because he was with them most of the afternoon. They were so kind to him. Just really jumped in and helped out, talked to him about being cool, relaxing, lining up when they needed him to. It was heart melting.

Anyway, just before the wedding, I realized that there was no way he was going to stay back with Hunter, Courtney and her dad while I walked down to the pavilion and down the aisle. We made a last minute decision, and he and I went together. Did I mention that Davis had a blistering diaper rash that day? He did. So he insisted that I carry him.

I carried him down to the pavilion. Set him down. The doors opened. The orchestra was playing. And his little jaw dropped when he saw all the people in there. I reached for his hand, and he flung his aside. No holding hands today. As we stood there, I knew I could reach again for him and risk him screaming or just start walking. At this point, you could hear the audible gasp in seeing the tiniest boy in a tuxedo. Everyone was looking at him, smiling.

I started to walk straight. He started to veer left. He really wanted to see the orchestra. I urged him back to the middle, and luckily, he started walking. Jaw still dropped. We walked to the halfway point, me smiling nervously, him holding his little red mac truck front and center. At the midway point he stopped. And I could tell he was thinking about turning around...

And just then, all the groomsmen bent down and started to say "Davis! Come on Davis! Come here..." And he refocused and walked to the front. B leaned down to pick him up and he just looked at the crowd. It was the sweetest moment. I have to say that it meant so much how Davis and Courtney wanted him so involved. Really makes you feel great when your friends love your babies.

And then right when B put Davis down, I whisked him right back out the pavilion and he was done!
So all in all, he did what he needed to do. Will he be available for any weddings other than Nikki and Tony's? Umm, how do I say...NO! At least not until he's 4 or 5.

Hope you're having a happy Thursday.

Davis has his first dentist appointment tomorrow...I'm not saying I think a dentist visit is good payback for his behavior this week...but I mean, it IS a nice coincidence. HA.