Are you a gril?

Sweet Davis is back. He has his moments, but I think/hope he is out of his funk from last week too. He has been so funny and clever lately. He asks one million questions a day and many of them are around categorizing people, things, and events. For example:

"Are you a gril, mommy?" Davis says girl like "gril" and it's about the cutest thing ever.
"Daddy, are you a boy like me?"
"Pico is a dogboy. Right?"
"Holden is a gril. Holden is a gril like mommy."

He also quantifies everything that has happened in the past as happening "last week". Today on the way to school he said "Did you get pulled over by a cop last week, mom?" I said "No I didn't..." to which he said "On the way to nanny and gampa's?" Remember, this happened months ago. He has an amazing memory. Amazing. I'm constantly impressed by it and I think it's his sharpest skill.

I tried to explain a while back that some toys are too sharp for Holden. He says "too sark" so it's awesome how he will say "Holden, that toy is too sark for you. It's too sark." And he's so clever. If he is playing with a toy that he doesn't want her to have, he claims it's too sark. Regardless of how rounded the corners may be. Ha.

Also yesterday afternoon, out of the blue, he said to me "I learned about David the King at church today. David the King. and God."

And Davis is using the toilet all the time. I let him wear underwear on Saturday. It went fine for an hour or so and then I heard an "Oh!" and I walked in to see what was going on and he said "I peed mommy..." When he does go in the potty he always says "I gonna go in the potty and get ALL the nemanems!"

Every morning he runs into our room, comes over to my side of the bed and says "Can I watch monster trucks on your cah-pooter?" And then we turn it on and we have to wait until his eyes are ready to adjust to the light. This morning he ran in and said "Can I watch monster trucks on your cah-pooter? My eyes are ready!"

So those are the random notes for this morning. I will be writing a post on D's visit to the dentist and our weekend at ACL later this week. Hope you had a good weekend.

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